I have a dumb question...


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Jun 21, 2009
Princeton, WV
Since the DH decided to drain the pool and clean it this year we now have fresh water. :) Since Sunday I have added 3 bags of shock and 2 pucks, :oops: In order to get my cya up, since it registered 0 when testing. (We have city water). The kids swam alot yesterday and we've had some hot days along with a downpour on sunday.

Here are my results this morning.

FC 0.5
CC 0.5
TC 1.0
TA 60
PH 7.2

I know I need to get my TA and PH up, and some chlorine in there. Should I just assume my cya is still 0 and check it on Sunday(since it takes up to a week to register?)



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Aug 30, 2010
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TA at 60 is nothing to worry about. Consider yourself lucky. pH can be brought up with a little Borax, or from kids splashing. You can't assume CYA is 0 because you added "shock" and pucks. You can use poolcalculator.com to estimate the effects of what you added.


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May 19, 2010
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What kind of shock did you add? Anything under 20-30ppm of CYA may show the same on the test. First priority is getting FC up and adding CYA. pH and TA seem fine for now.

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