I don't need help yet but wanted to say hi

Mark R

LifeTime Supporter
Nov 18, 2013
Desert Southwest, USA
:wave: located in the Desert Southwest Area of the United States and looking forward to soak up and help with more information. I have owned pools for over 33 years and always managed to figure most problems out. The one problem I have now is my cool decking is coming up :blah:
Thanks :cheers: :whoot:

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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Indeed we are Mark! Sorry it didn't register straight away. :cheers:

Good to see you over here!!! This is almost the pool version of TRF. Lots of good people here and a whole lot more good info. I'm a little surprised so few responded about their pools over there, but hey, it isn't the pool time of year. The funniest comment though was someone saying "They have Pool Forums?" :lol: Everyone over here will be stunned and ask the same about watch forums. But hey, if 100 people are interested in it, there's a forum for it. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Glad you made it over!!