I can't seem to get any CYA in my pool (or is it the test?)


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Jul 30, 2009
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I need to start by saying that I am a new pool owner. We have a "temporary" 16x32x52 pool that we have had up and running for a couple of weeks now. I did the math and I am pretty sure that is 13,500 gallons of pool water. The pool has a 4,000 gph pump & filter.

I followed the opening your temporary pool instructions from this site. I did the first four days using pool shock and have followed with bleach. I bought a 6-way test kit from Wal-Mart and I can not seem to get any reading for CYA levels. You put 7ml of water in the container, then 7ml of the chemicals and shake it up. Then you drip it into another tube with a dot on the bottom and record when you can't the the dot. The problem is that my water is clear after I shake it.

I am adding bleach every day because the chlorine is almost gone every time that I test it. Should I start over with the chemicals and shock it again? I tried searching the forums but it kept saying that my search terms were too common...

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Your CYA just might not be able to "show up" yet. At this point........"assume" your cya level is what you added it to be, bring it to shock level with bleach, and keep it there untill your overnite loss is 1 ppm or less. See shocking in pool school. Gonna be tough to get accurate FC readings without a good test kit though. I assure you that one of the test kits recommended here is the key. Especially the FC and CC tests for shocking and maintenance.

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What is the pool shock you're using? If it's Cal-Hypo or liquid shock it won't have any CYA in it. It has to be Dichlor or Trichlor.


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Here is a link to the pics of the CYA test that may be helpful: http://www.taylortechnologies.com/Chemi ... ntentID=44

As mentioned, it can take up to a week (after adding) for the CYA to show up on a test.

Posting a full set of test #'s will help us help you.

You can take a water sample to the pool store and post back here with the results.

The best investment we made in our pool was getting a good test kit. I recommend the TF100 from tftestkits.net - link in my sig. Best bang for the buck and great customer service.

13,500 gallons does not fit my description of a temp pool. :)

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