I can't get the chlorine level up


Jun 14, 2020
Denver colorado
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I have an 18" round pool.
All the other required numbers on the pool are good.
Ph 7.5
Cya is at 50
But my chlorine is at 0

And the water is like hazy. Not dirty. I don't see any visible algae. I run the filter 24 hours.

I shocked the pool with the HTC brand. And 12 hours later, still at 0.
I vacuumed and brushed the walls,just in case.
The next night I shocked it again. I also added clarified this time after a few hours.
Maybe I'm at 1 or 2 but still the water is not clear.

What am I doing wrong and what else can I try?


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Jan 17, 2012
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When you say you "shocked" the pool...was that a liquid or powder?? What kind of equipment are you running? Can you please fill out a <Signature line> under <Settings> ? Pool size, vinyl, type of pump, filter, how you test <which kit?> and how you normally chlorinate.

Hazy water certainly needs more Chlorine... possibly a SLAM process SLAM Process

Go put 179 ounces of liquid chlorine from Lowes or HD and pour it in while brushing the entire pool. Test in 30 min with pump running. See if that gives you some FC

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May 3, 2014
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Ok. So your data is not accurate. I suspect your chlorine could be very high and bleaching out the strip.
TFPC does not provide guidance with test strip or pool store data.
Get a proper test kit. Test Kits Compared


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Jun 12, 2009
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You know what one of the many issues with test strips is? High chlorine levels can bleach them out and it will read zero. That may or may not be what's going on here (no way to tell if all you have are test strips) but imagine if you're just pushing the chlorine level even further through the roof because you're working off of bad data.

And if that's not the problem, we're going to need reliable data to help you figure it out.

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