I can see the metal channel through liner. Is this a big deal?


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Jul 19, 2020
ontario canada
First time AGP owner here. I got a 12x24 oval pool installed by a professional, and I seem to be able to see the strapping/channel bar through the liner. You can feel it as you walk over it. The sod was removed and the base seemed fine prior to filling. I believe they put crusher dust underneath, then sand on top. Is this something I should call about? Thanks for any advice!



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May 6, 2018
I'm a DIYer and installed a 15x24 oval last year.
Part of the install was to have 2 to 3" of sand on top of those straps to protect the liner. I cannot see or feel any of the framing. Obviously some prefer to use different materials, but all of them need to be more than thick enough to separate the liner from the straps etc.

I would call.