I am showing Nitrates again


Jun 14, 2011
Opened pool yesterday......brought water in to test everything is "PERFEFCT" except I am showing Nitrates again :-( tester said I am at 10 when last year we were over 25 and we drained and refilled and were fine the rest of the summer.
I put 5lbs of shock in (per pool guys reccomendation) he said if today I showed no chlorine (there is none) we would have to drain again. because the number is lower than last year does it make sense to drain half this time or should I just drain the whole thing??

Please Please HELP!!!!
It's an inground concrete pool 48,000 gallons


Jun 14, 2011
Water pH 7.6
TA 90
CYA 30
Calcium Hardness 180
TDS 500
Nitrates 10ppm
Phosphates 0
Nitrogen 30

Water is clear. I added 5lbs of of Leslie's power powder plus yesterday.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I have no idea what my nitrate level is. Nor my phosphate level. Never had either one tested. But my pool is so clear you can toss a dime in the deep and and call heads or tails. And I can swim around underwater with my eyes open with no discomfort at all.

I've done it with my own test kit, pool calculator, and a little time every day. You can do it, too.