I am on day 2 of my baq-chlorine conversion


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Jun 28, 2010
i am on day 2 of my baq-chlorine conversion. I have been adding 5 qts. of bleach every 1.5 hours and my water is still a very murky green color. My baquacil levels were at 0 once started. You cant even see the bottom. should i be worried?? I have been running the filter and I've added the chlorine floc. What should I do next?? By the way, I know that you all like to see pics. but unfortuanately, i have lost my cord to my camera. sorry :roll:

Barbara C

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Jun 2, 2010
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Most definitely welcome!!

Jason said it all about reading the conversion instructions. I printed them out and taped them into my pool notebook. Read and reread them and be reading the pool school also. It is very well laid out and it info you'll need when the conversion is done.

Even at low baq levels it can take a bit to get things clear. Running the filter and backwashing when it's needed and adding the required amount of bleach are your best bets.

Definitely look into getting a good test kit if you don't have one. If you've read much at all about testing on TFP, then you'll know everyone loves the Trouble Free Test Kits. They are worth the money and Dave really stands behind the product. You won't find better customer service anywhere.

More than likely everything is right on course. Not sure, but the floc might be a waste right now. I'm talking in generalities because I'm a new convert myself and learning a lot as I go. There are lots of good people who know way more than I do that will keep you on course.

Hope you have sparkling water soon!!


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May 30, 2008
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No worries. Even if baq levels were 0 by the pool store test, you still have some level of baq in your pool.

Just to reinforce what the others have said said....you need to get a test kit. It will be very hard to manage the conversion and your pool afterward without one. Most people here recommend the TF-100XL for doing a conversion. tftestkits.net. You also need to read the conversion article at pool school. Very informative and it walks you through the entire process.