I am lost. (Novice pool owner) Please advise!


Jul 12, 2019
New Jersey
Hey everyone,

I am so confused on what to do with my pool at this point. Last week it turned green. Our chlorine was low, ph was low. Husband added stabilizer for some reason and that’s when it went all shades of gross. So after acquiring a more precise Taylor kit (the big one) we tried attempting the slam method. Adding bleach to reach 20ppm, backwashing and scrubbing pool as well. Pool cleared 90%. I am lost on what to do at this point as far as letting chlorine levels drop and when to add more to maintain. I did run to the pool store today just to double check the results I was getting at home. This was the results:
5000 gallon vinyl pool, sand filter
Total chlorine: 9.3
Free chlorine 9.3
Ph 7.4
Total alkalinity 45
Calcium hardness 50
Stabilizer 85
Pool store gave me alkalinity increased but said other than high chlorine everything looks good. Ahhh help. My daughter thinks I’m the devil at the moment because it’s 90 degrees and I won’t let her in the pool. What do I exactly need to do presently and what do I need to do to maintain it? We were using tricolor tabs but I think I may stick with the liquid chlorine so we don’t raise the cya anymore.
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Jul 12, 2019
New Jersey
Ok by our testing;
Free chlorine 15.4
Combined chlorine is zero? When we added the R003 the sample stayed clear
Ph is 8
Alkalinity 80
Calcium hardness 110
Stabilizer was reading over 100

So what do I add now? I can’t believe how different from the pool stores readings lol. I’m definitely going to read up. I have been trying but it’s overwhelming when you know zero about pools.


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May 3, 2014
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100 is the limit of the CYA test, so you have to do a diluted test. Mix 50% pool water with 50% tap water. Use this mixed sample as your test water. Multiply the result by 2 for your CYA level.

Once you have that, you can decide how much water you need to drain and refill to lower your CYA to 50 ppm or so.


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You need to drain half your water, then fill and check your CYA. Chances are you'll need to drain half again to get your pool down to 40. Do you have a SWCG? Or are you chlorine?

You can't SLAM with pucks. You just can't. They can't get your FC high enough in a short amt of time, and they add 1 ppm CYA for every ppm of chlorine. Just ditch the pucks altogether.