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Jun 29, 2021
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First I'd like to thank this site and the forum for teaching me the TFP method. I've got the method down to 4 hours of running the pump and about <$1 of chlorine per day (Cdn prices) for crystal clear water. CYA is not perfect thanks to a very rainy summer but I'm working on that.

Here's a hypothetical question-- once the 'behaviour' of your pool is consistent, would it be possible to raise your pool to SLAM-ish levels on a weekly basis, and let it chlorine level predictably dissipate over the week (assuming there's no extreme weather or something unexpected that would ruin the chemistry)? And then repeat this weekly, so as to save time only your daily chlorination/testing routines?

For example if I determined that my daily loss of chlorine is 1-1.5 ppm, could i bring my pool to a high chlorine level (SLAM or lower) levels every Wednesday, knowing that the pool will get the most use on the weekend, and knowing that the chlorine will dissipate to the lower end of the safe range within the week. Next Wednesday, repeat. Test once or twice during the week to make sure everything is going smoothly, or whenever there's a weather event. Of course cleaning, skimming etc. stays the same.

Again this is all hypothetical, would love to hear your thoughts if this would work or not, or if people are already doing this.

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Jul 3, 2013
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You could get 2 or 3 days doing that.. Going to SLAM level will lose about half the chlorine the next full day of sun.. within 2 full days of sun you are back down to your normal chlorine level.. by the 3rd day you are below recommended levels..

This will waist more chlorine and not be a benefit...

What you want is an automatic liquid chlorine dispenser or install a salt water generator.. This will get you exactly what you want.. Both give you the ability to miss or skip testing for weeks "once you have everything setup and working"

That is exactly why I installed my SWG.. I travel and I needed to KNOW that my pool would continue to run exactly the way I left it for weeks.. Once I get back I test and make sure everything is good to go.. :)
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