HydroPool swim spa pump #2 not working

J sutpow

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May 3, 2020
We have a 2019 HydroPool swim Spa that we’ve owned for about two months. It is installed indoors. There are three pumps, one of the two main swim jets is not working. The other two work fine. It does not make a sound. We’ve done all the troubleshooting such as topping off the water, checking for any air leaks, rinsing the filter, no debris in skimmer basket. We confirmed electricity to the pump. Not sure what else to do. On the main screen intermittently it will detect the flow problem and give a warning message to check all the above things. The one thing we don’t know how to check is pump blockage. Any ideas?


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
Still there? Sorry I missed your post, new to the forum thing and still learning my way around.
First off, is it under warranty? Have you called the dealer?
It is one of two swim jets, but it sometimes gets a flow error? Swim jets do not usually have a flow sensor, just the main heat/ filter pump. So it seems you have 2 issues.
Have you recently changed the water?
Did it work before then suddenly stop?
Have you checked the fuses?