Hydropool 770P w/ Ozone - Dichlor granules daily vs Trichlor tabs in dispenser?


May 11, 2020
Columbus, OH
Hi everyone, I have a new Hydropool 770P with Ozone and UV-C. It has a built in dispenser in the filter for 1" tablets. My dealer told me to add granulated Dichlor daily, but I am worried about being able to do this daily if I am traveling etc. I read the benefits of Dichlor over Trichlor tabs but still unsure what to use. My wife prefers Chlorine to Bromine and we don't mind the smell. I called Hydropool and they told me to use the Chlorine dispenser but didn't specify what type of tablets to use. So far I have been adding about 2 oz of granulated Dichlor daily to keep up with bather demand.

Any advice surely appreciated!


In The Industry
Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
Read the sticky thread on dichlor/ bleach method and learn about cya. You should not need to add product in an unused spa with ozone if properly treated after use. Ozone will burn off chlorine, so shooting for a high residual is a losing battle, don't waste the time and money.