Hydro-Valet replacement


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Apr 24, 2016
Central California
Is anybody familiar with the 1970's era Hydro-Valet spa jet (photo at bottom of post)?

I have three of these jets in an attached in-ground hot tub which don't appear to work properly. It actually appears that a prior owner may have reversed the flow on one of the three to utilize it as a suction inlet (but only when the supply line is valved toward the spa). There is an existing floor drain in the spa plumbed to the spa return line which appears to be operational. Subsequent to original construction, a directional fitting was added to the spa which receives its pressure from the pool return.

There are pool and spa return lines going through a mixing valve to a 3hp pump feeding a DE filter followed by a heater and a mixing valve to the pool and spa supply lines which, when both supply and return lines are valved entirely to the spa nearly doubles the back pressure to 35psi from pool mode. When valved entirely to the spa, a fair amount of DE fines appear in the spa out of the two operating (albeit meagerly) jets and the floor drain removes FAR more water than the jets replace. I have tried taking the jet apart to find they're in pretty poor condition but nothing that would restrict their flow so substantially.

The owner I purchased the house from said it never worked for him (he purchased the house in 2000). I half expect to simply fill this thing in as it leaves much to be desired ergonomically (the bench is very deep) as well as the fiberglass embedding itself in my kid's legs. Right now this spa is basically a hole in the ground that provides no pleasure and requires maintenance.

Any questions or thoughts?



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Jan 17, 2012
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WOW, that does look old! Very classic looking. I'm sorry I couldn't find anything useful when I Googled it. But I do see where someone in 2011 asked the same question and they never got a response. LOL, I wonder if that was the previous owner of your house?? :laughblue:

I wonder if you can just remove them and find a generic head that fits? Inyopools.com is a good source for the odd item so perhaps check with them.

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