Hydrazzo vs mini pebbles

So we were ready to do our pool plastering I called 3 plaster companies to give us quotes on mimi pebbels with glass and abalone shells, color aqua blue First company came gave us a quote on what I asked no suggestions

The gentlemen from the second company came, gave me a quote for what I wanted , And then he suggested for the same price he could do Hydrazzo plastering
Aconding to him, Hydarzzo is better pool finish that mini pebbles
With well maintain water chemistry hydrazzo will have a life span of 20 years
He told me after the first 10 years he can do other pool polish and it will last another 10 years

Then he showed me some samples of Hydrazzo. The texture is so much smoother that the mini pebbles
it got me very interested but I don’t know anything about Hydrazzo

Does any body have this type of pool finishing?