Hybrid Pool Leak with Photos and Video - ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED!


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Jun 14, 2021
Austin, TX
Hey y'all,

Grew up with a pool so know basics but just bought a house with a neglected hybrid pool (concrete bottom/fiberglass walls). Seller disclosed a "$1k leak coming from the steps" but I am doing due diligence to ensure everything is good.

What I've done so far:
  1. Drained algae-infested water
  2. Replaced about 1000 gallons of fresh, chlorinated water
Have a $600 leak inspector coming out on Thursday but they require the pool to be filled to normal levels, I am worried to fill in current condition.

Current problems:
  1. Concrete appears to be peeking through the plaster in some places on steps. How critical is this?
    1. IMG_1403.jpeg
  2. Joint caulking between wall and floor is peeling in places and cracking. Unsure on the remaining life?
    1. IMG_1404.jpeg
  3. Noticed bubbles coming from a joint as seen in this video. Oddly enough, the food coloring did not want to go into the hole. What is causing this?
    1. IMG_1424
  4. Pool deck exhibiting a large concrete face missing with hairline crack in floor, possibly from recent winter freeze? How critical is this?
    1. IMG_1410.jpeg

Any feedback is appreciated, is a replaster a good idea? Should I re-caulk before I fill back up? I want to mitigate any additional damage if possible (especially if the leak is significant)

Thanks a bunch!


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May 3, 2007
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Plaster is the water barrier so that is definitely a problem. The seam caulking looks like it is leaking from the video. The coping is probably more of a cosmetic issue than leaking as it does not remain wet during normal operation.


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Jun 14, 2021
Austin, TX
I removed the old seam caulking and cleaned with a pressure washer. Then reapplied SikaFlex and voila, leak is gone. Cost $30 but about 10 hours of work to clean and replace. Planning to replaster following this season but it appears that the major leak is fixed for now
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