Huge thanks


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Feb 3, 2009
Oakton, VA
I've been a member here for probably 4 years and my pool has been mostly trouble free, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forum.

I had a whole bunch of trees in my pool on Saturday morning after the storm. I am talking at least 4 huge mature trees in and across the pool. By Saturday evening my crystal clear pool was murky green, by Sunday morning - dark green, you couldn't see the steps in the water.

Two trips to Costco for bleach, 12 hours of cleaning (the Aquamax and the Caretaker earned their keep), today the kids are swimming in clear sparkling water again :-D

This wouldn't have happened without all the advice and knowledge on this forum that I have absorbed during the years. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes this forum possible. You are awesome (but you already know that, right ;)