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Aug 16, 2007
Denton, TX

Forgive my forum newbness, but how can I add html to my signature?

I'd like to do what some other folks do and make the "become a supporter" text in my sig a hyperlink.

I'm a BIG believer in the power of intelligent online communities. Nice work with this site. It certainly seems to have collected quite a few folks with very specialized, in-depth knowledge that they're more than willing to share.



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Mar 28, 2007
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You need to insert the proper codes, etc. before and after the info you would like in your sig. For Example, Let's say you want to put a link to becoming a lifetime supporter. In your profile setup screen, you will need to put the following info.

Whatever name you want

So, you want "Be a Lifetime Supporter" in your sig. Type in the code at the beginning... Don't forget the website link, then type BE A LIFETIME SUPPORTER, then type in the ending code.


BE A LIFETIME SUPPORTER[/url][/code:3knlvhpd]

Put all of that information on one line with no (o) spacing and it should work for you.  Post again if you need additional help.  Hope I have helped in this explanation.

BTW, Here is what the finished Product should look like:  [url=]BE A LIFETIME SUPPORTER[/url]

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