HTH Chemicals


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Mar 28, 2009
Baton Rouge, LA
Hi! I am trying to find out if the copper in the new HTH pool chemicals are going to hurt my pool. I bought some the other day at Home Depot on a whim. Leslie's gets expensive after a while. I am moving towards the method this site talks about but for that copper going to hurt anything? Will it stain my pool? I just bought a 5 lb. bucket of their 3" tabs, some PH Minus, and Shock and Swim. I didn't notice the copper listed until I got home. I have been using the usual stuff from Leslie's
(I used the 3" Trichlor tabs from Leslie's).


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Short term use generally won't hurt but eventually, the copper will stain if you continue.

As tabs go, Leslie's have been pretty good. They last as expected meaning they are well compressed. Pool School and BBB methods will save you significantly in dollars spent.


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