Jun 18, 2012
Hello, new to the forum, about to buy and install my first above ground pool in the coming weeks.

I'm actually looking at the ProSeries 22' x 54" (retailer is local, and I have more comfort than ordering via internet and dealing with customer service problems over the phone).

Any advice for a beginner would be very welcome, i am especially interested in getting a saltwater system for this pool, any thoughts or experience ya'll can share? Thanks!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Check the warranty. Some mfg's will void the warranty if salt is used.
What size pump and filter are being quoted?

Go ahead and order a good test kit now (see sig) and test your fill water if you can.


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May 18, 2012
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I have a Polygroup pool(Proseries) Only mine is 18ft. If you have to call customer service for replacement parts/what have you, Bring a lunch. Everytime I have called- I've been on hold for around 30 minutes "waiting" for a customer service to answer. Even early......
Oh and then they sent me the wrong parts- don't even go to my pool.... They did send me the right pins. They didn't have the Frame piece I was ordering, or the Leg caps... Just my experience with them.