howdy from Tornado Alley


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Nov 27, 2017
Moore oklahoma to be exact . 75deg today swam with my 7 y/o granddaughter ........ we warmed the pool to 90 :cool:. Tomorrow the bottom is going to fall out tho burrr,by sat morning it could snow / sleet.I need rain tho it has not rained more than 1 inch total this year and the last part of 2017 was not better . That said east of here its flooding ??? east okla, AR, and others,, my yard has cracks like inches wide.

I did get my new TFP coffee mug tho just wanted to say thanks ,not just for the mug but for my trouble free pool too. My new circupool swg is great as is the water . I have had it running at 20% on low (1500 rpm / 275 watts. 24/7 for 3 weeks now . My chlorine is staying from 7-8 in the morning to 6-7 afternoon. Thats a little high but i have four giant trees all maple they drop little buds and then seeds that look like helicopters and pollen is high.

So for all you at TFP thanks for your help and all you do for a lot of people i know i am one.