Howdy from 'the Lake' area of Missouri


Mar 6, 2018
Climax Springs, MO
Hello to all,

Glad to find a forum to help me learn. My husband and I purchased our retirement home in October. It has a nice in ground pool. It is 18X36 (or there abouts) and has a two year old liner. The previous owners closed the pool last fall before we moved here. We look forward to opening it up.

We have never owned a pool but had a hot tub at our previous home. Once we learned what to do, care was easy-peasy.

We are also hoping to switch to bromine. My brothers have both had pools for many years and have gone through chlorine, then salt and now Bromine. They believe that bromine is both the most economical in the long haul and easiest on the eyes and skin.

We have a lot to learn and look forward to learning from you folks.

LoriAnne and Steven Robinson


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Welcome LoriAnne and Steve :handwave:

This forum will be of a lot of help to you in many things....but Bromine isn't usually one of them. We primarily encourage folks to use plain household bleach or a Salt Water Chlorine Generator. We find these to be superior at sanitation and the least trouble and cost to the pool owner.

I'd suggest doing a search for Bromide pools using the search feature above right. Not something that you want to add to your pool without understanding the problems.

Skin and eye irritation does not come from chlorine but rather poorly maintained chemistry, whether it be the pH or combined chloramines or not being aware of the CYA/CHlorine relationship. Almost all communities in the US use chlorine in their water and problems with that from bathing, etc is near about unheard of.

Again, welcome and let us see a pic of this new-to-you pool sometime! We loveeee pics.

Maddie :flower:


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Jul 16, 2012
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Welcome to TFP!

Maddie has you on the right track for sure. Your brother will be slow to agree, but his pool maintenance likely was not on the right side of science, leading to the skin/eye irritation issues.

I think you will find, if you spend some time reading here, that chlorine, properly maintained in a pool along with other parameters, is far superior and cheaper than all other methods of sanitization.


Mar 6, 2018
Climax Springs, MO
Thank you so much for the information. My research also suggests that a Bromine pool will not do well in the midwest where we live. The key issue being the water does not stay warm enough without heating it... a lot. In South Texas area where both my brothers have their pools, the average temp of an unheated pool is 90 degrees and sometimes higher. lol - They have had more issue keeping the pool cool than keeping it warm like we will have to work at here. Bromine does best in warmer pools and hot tubs. So... for simplicity and economical reasons we will stick to a chlorine pool.
I am still researching the costs of household bleach vs pool chems in my area.
Thanks again,


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Mar 8, 2018
Branson, MO
Hello LoriAnne, I see you refer to your location as the “lake area” of Missouri! Would you by anychance mean the area that resides in Taney County? Also, welcome!