How warm is too warm pool water???


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Aug 3, 2007
Austin, TX
Hit 90 degrees in the pool today for the first time with the aid of the solar system. I had the solar a bit high, so I bumped it down to 85 at 3pm today. Yesterday the pool was a cool 81. I decided 90 is just too warm.. I like 82-88 myself. Now 82 degree water seems almost too cold... Getting close to using the solar at night to cool down the pool....

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Mar 28, 2007
San Rafael, CA USA
This is definitely a question of personal preference. I like 88F water as my ideal -- I can walk in the water without any shiver and stay in it as long as I like. Of course, it's not great if you do a reasonable amount of exercise (swimming or activity), but for lounging around or only a little swimming it's great for me. My wife also prefers around 87-88 as she does mostly therapy exercise and needs to be in the water for around 45-90 minutes. I agree that 90F starts to feel like a bath and too warm. I'm also pretty skinny and have been underweight all of my life.



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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
I had my system set at 90 also. We liked the warmer water for swimming in the evenings. However with the warmer days, I have lower the temp to 86. I still have the"spa" (therapy jets) set to 100, so when I turn them on during the day, the solar heater comes on, and I have warm water jets!
78 is what my water is at now and its AWSOME. i wish it would stay thatway. its chilly to get in, but once your in, ITS PERFECT.

in the summer my pool will get up wards of 90 and we have to stay out becuase thats too warm, thankfully the ocean stays at a nice 85.


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82-88 is good, but it largely depends on the outside temperature. If it's cool outside, I like 88, but if it's very hot outside, cooler is better. It's been just over 90 here the past couple of days, but the water is still around 85 so it's very refreshing. Unfortunatley, it doesn't usually work that way.