How to wire up 115v 2 speed 1 hp A.O. Smith motor


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May 3, 2011
Clearwater, FL.
I searched for this here and didn't find 115v 2 speed "How to" wiring.
So I'm posting my "How to" wiring up my AGP 2 speed 1 HP 115v A.O. Smith motor.
I have a 21' round Swim 'N' Play with a waterway 22" sand filter (150 lbs)
I rebuilt the old single speed motor/pump/filter when I first got it last year and did a custom install on my 15' Intex frame pool. Thanks to I learned how simple pool care is, I craved for a bigger pool after the end of last season.
Found this 21' used on Craigslist and rebuilt it. My son got the system (3/4 HP/cartridge) that came with the 21' to go with the 15' Intex pool we gave him. Kept the sand filter/1 hp to go with 21' pool.
I bought part #BN37V1 motor online (best price I found) here: ... ~8231.html
Bought a 2 speed cover switch for it here: ... r-spa.aspx
Turns out it's the wrong one!
Right one here: ... parts.aspx

I just made the switch fit my cover instead of returning and waiting for the right cover w/2 speed switch, a little belt sanding to make the cover smooth and cut out the rectangle hole and 2 small holes and I was mounted in less than 30 mins.
I moved my pump 6 feet farther away from the house to keep pump noise down to a minimum from the corner bedroom. This left me 5 feet to short on the 115v cord.

So I went with a multi-plug 14 gauge 15 ft extension cord and cut it at 12 feet. This way I got the 14 gauge wire not like the original cord @ 16 gauge. All I have to do is get a male plug to put on the multi-cord butt and have a multi-plug adapter for around the house use!
Used some of the cord wire off the butt to make the jumper leads to wire the switch to the motor with about 4 more 1/4in blade terminals (yellow) and used the purple lead jumper that came with the switch for the low speed connection. Picked up a 90* degree wire through connector to install on the side of the motor end plate also.

How to wire:
With the cover off the motor and the 90* wire through connector installed on the motor (side).
Strip off cover for cord about 4" from end, feed through 90* connector and then some. Strip the common white wire and crimp on a 1/4 female spade (yellow size) and connect to terminal #5 as stated on the motor label for the common wire.
Strip the black wire (hot) and also put on a female spade connector and this will connect to the center pole of the 2 speed switch.
Use a piece of extra wire from the butt to make up a black jumper lead to go from the bottom spade connector on the switch. (this is the high speed terminal when the toggle switch is turned on to high)
Connect this jumper from the bottom switch terminal to terminal #1 on the motor. The purple jumper lead that came with the switch, I used for the low speed jumper lead.
Connect this purple jumper lead to the top spade connector of the 2 speed switch and to terminal #6 on the motor.
Strip green ground wire and crimp on a 3/16 to 1/4 eyelet terminal and connect to the green ground screw at the top of the motor
Now pull out some of the cord, adjust, and tighten the crimp screws on the 90* connector.
Carefully push the end cover back on and in place, then put in the screw that holds it on and your done! I plugged it in to test and worked perfect!
I hope to install the new motor this weekend...















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