How to treat pool under safety cover - in hot sunny climate


Jun 26, 2014
Austin, Texas
We rarely use out pool, and plan to be gone for long trips (up to 3 months). We thought we would get a safety type cover to keep the leaves and sun off the pool not only for our trips but all year.

My first question is, should I change the CYA and chlorine levels from what I've been doing because of the cover? It seems like I could lower the CYA from the current 50 due to the cover blocking the sun, and of course lower the FC level to match.

Next question, can I expect to use less chlorine on a daily basis? If so, any idea how much less? I have a stenner pump that I set to add up to 48 ounces daily of 10% liquid in the hottest months, and little or nothing in the winter.

Last question: We are trying to get it installed before we leave for the summer, but if we can't I think I would rather just shut down the pumps, give it a good shock, and clean up the green mess when we get home. How bad an Idea is this? I'm very concerned that if something breaks, we will come home to an empty pool and burned out pump motor or something. Actually maybe we should do this even with the cover while we are out of town.

My pool is in Austin, Texas.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
If you cover the pool that blocks all UV, you do not need much CYA and your FC loss should be very small.

Your idea of covering and leaving can be OK, but you need to be sure the pool stays full (there still could be some evaporation) so it does not get damaged due to low water level.