How to tell what kind of liner I need?


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Jun 11, 2010
We just purchased a home with a pool that's liner was full of rips and holes. So, rather than pay 800 at our local pool store, I went online and purchased a $237 15x30 uni-bead liner.

However, after receiving the liner, I went to install it and realized that the uni-bead liner would not fit or stay in the bead channel. I called their tech support and he asked if it was an all aluminum deck with an attached bead rail...which it is.

The tech person said it was probably an Esther Williams pool and required it's own bead to fit properly. I called the liner company and they said they could custom make one for an additional $100.

I'm ok with that, but want to know how do I know if that's the right type of bead for it? I have no documentation and contacting the previous owners turned up no info whatsoever. I just don't want to lose more shipping and restocking fees if it can be avoided :)

I've attached a picture of the bead track to help you identify it hopefully. I'll post a pic of a piece of the old liner as soon as I can find it.


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