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Jun 11, 2020
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I've seen several posts related to this topic, and I'm sure there are more I haven't seen yet. I liked this summary by pooldv:

Muriatic acid outside in shady place
Bleach/chlorine inside laundry room or pantry preferred or garage
Test kit inside in air conditioning
Dry stuff like CYA anywhere

Now, from personal experience, I'm pretty sure chlorine tabs also corrode metals. I had them stored in the garage next to some paint cans and they all rusted terribly. Household liquid bleach I'm sure is okay in the laundry room, but I don't think I want anything more concentrated than those inside the house.

So, what should I do with all my stuff? The test kit I'll keep in the laundry room, and I guess I can keep the liquid bleach there too.

I have 6 gallons of MA because the guy at Leslie's sold me way more than I needed to acid wash my pool, and I can't return it. In Texas heat, even a shady place outside will go up above 100 degrees now and then. How can I store it safely in such a way that it will last until I use it up? I've been thinking of getting a rubbermaid box and putting it under a tree, maybe even burying it in the ground a little. Maybe something like this:
But I want something lockable to keep the kids out of trouble, and I'm not sure the metal bar on that box would withstand storing MA inside. Any ideas for something plastic-only that's lockable, or other advice on how to store? I'm not even sure I can store them in such a box, since the box is not ventilated...

Where should I store chlorine tabs, pH-up, and other chemicals? If in the garage, what should I put them in that's lockable? Which chemicals need to be ventilated, and how would I go about ventilating them? I've read that I shouldn't keep chlorine and MA in the same box, how about other chemicals?



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I keep all of my chemicals in the laundry room except for the muriatic acid. I keep MA in a portable Rubbermaid-type shed out in the backyard behind another shed away from kids and pets. Stored on the hot west-side end in the heat and it does not bother the MA at all.

I don't have tabs anymore, but if I did, I would probably keep those outside as well but segregated from the MA, use them all up if I could, or give them away. It would be very rare that I would ever need those anyways. But my test kit, bleach and baking soda are in the Laundry room. Hope that helps.
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