How to seal / patch cracks in pool deck


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi folks:

I've got a 40 year old pool. There are a handful of cracks in the pool deck. Some have been there for a while. I see the previous owner of our house patched them with some caulking.

Can anyone recommend a good product to caulk / patch cracks in the pool deck? I don't want water to get in and freeze over winter.

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Feb 17, 2017
I tried the low viscosity epoxy on the hair line cracks, it basically degraded over the first winter and one summer. I also used it around the chipping at anchors for winter cover and that held up very well, same length of time. I also had a pop of concrete the size of a tennis ball, used a concrete patch... held up very well for 1 summer, hopefully it will last thru the winter. I tried some gorilla glue on an inconspicuous hair line crack as an experiment 2 weeks ago, it’s for indoor/outdoor use and expands during cure time. I’ll see hope that holds up. Maybe somebody has a proven product that worked for them and respond.