how to repair cut cable for pool light?


Jun 20, 2010
Sachse, TX (near Dallas)
aaargh... its been one of those months.

We were finally getting the sprinklers fixed after the pool installed and the sprinkler guy accidentally cut the cable/cord for the pool lights. It was buried underground in a pvc pipe and they cut right through it.

We've had one company come out here and they said we couldn't repair it, the whole light would have to be replaced and that per "code" they couldn't take the old one out (we would have to do it) and then they could put in the new one. They said it would be minimum of $600 to get the light replaced, as it is one of the pentair fiber optic one

Has anyone had this happen? Can we really not just splice the darn thing back together? The cable is a #8 cable, which I believe denotes thickness.


If it is a regular light (110 volt), you do need to replace it completely, as you cannot have a splice in a pool light (nor do you want to :shock: ). Fiber Optic is completely different and carries no electrical current, but it does not splice (the light cannot travel through a splice).

How long is the light cord (from the pool to the J-Box)? The price is a little high..........


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Apr 4, 2007
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Lest you think Bruce is just giving you the industry line, the wire can't be spliced. Code requires a continuous ground wire to the panel.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Just to give a third comment. The electrical cabling cannot be spliced. However you said they were fiber optic lights and I highly doubt that the wiring running to the light is #8. It sounds like they cut the fibers. While splicing fibers is possible it's usually not something you want to do. Done properly, splicing fiber is more costly than replacing it.

Let us know whether it's the copper or the fiber that was cut.
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