How to repair a large vinyl tear in corner?


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Jun 1, 2012
Louisville, KY
I have a 10" horizontal tear in the corner gaping maybe 1.5". The liner is old and this is the first sign of failure otherwise the integrity is good. Can I just use a patch of liner material and some cement that comes with a patch kit? My only concern is the thickness of the vinyl is very thin there from sun and the cement could possibly make it worse. The location is above water in a corner but there is plenty of material between the tear and the bead/coping, maybe 3".

I guess I could make the patch extra big? Thanks in advance. Just trying to get one last season out of it before replacing.

Jordy Verrill

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May 24, 2016
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If you are just trying to squeeze one more year out of the liner, you might want to look into a product called Flex Tape. I don't know if anyone here would recommend it, but it is a completely water proof rubber tape that can be used to patch holes on pretty much any surface. It might not look beautiful, but it is a quick, not too expensive quick fix.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Just make a large patch and cover a lot more area than the existing tear. You may be able to get a pretty good sized piece of liner from a local pool store or builder that may somewhat match if you ask them. They usually have scrape pieces laying around.

I've never used Flex Tape, but if it'll stick to the vinyl liner well enough, that may provide a temporary fix.