How to remove resin top cap?


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Jun 7, 2010
I have a 33 ft round Sharkline Matrix with snap on top caps. I need to disassemble the pool ASAP, and they don't just pop off. I already broke one trying to pry it off. Is there special tool?

Long story short is, my pool was improperly installed by a hack (I should have check refernces!!) back in June. The pool washed out, liner tore, pool is off level, and sinking. I am having the pool reinstalled by a local reputable guy who did a great job on local pools of people I know (he had too much work back in June)... I just need to disassemble it because he is starting from complete scratch.

The sorta emergency is I have already drained the pool and was going to be slowly disassembled over the weekend. Well, I have an empty pool with Hurricane Earl in our sites. Looks like the storm will be here in Cape Cod Friday afternoon. Even as a Tropical Storm, I think my pool will be a goner!!! Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!!


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Jul 10, 2009
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I found this installation guide for Sharkline Matrix oval pool. The caps should be similar if not the same. Check page 22 (step 25) for instructions. It looks like you should be able to reverse the process by pulling the front of the cap out then up.
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