How to remove iron


May 31, 2007
I have an AG pool with a sand filter. My source water comes from our well. We do not drain our pool, but just top it off in the spring & when necessary. We have extremely high iron content in our well water. Our water can be crystal clear but then we add topoff water & it's instantly orange. Our solution in the past (and the only one that worked) was to add about 5 Ferratabs. In 2 days the water would be crystal clear again. Ferratabs have been the only product that has worked. The liquid metalfree products haven't worked. My dilemma now is that I cannot find Ferratabs anywhere. Our local dealer said they were discontinued. :( Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find this product or what I can use as a replacement. Iron is the only problem we have with our pool. I know all about why our water turns orange & how the chlorine reacts w/ the iron. I just want to know how to fix it when it happens. Thanks so much for any info. :-D


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Mar 27, 2007
Morris, IL
Nobody has answered this yet, my only thought is to rig up a water softener to your pool, with a puddle pump. I remember someone had done this before, it may be a viable solution.


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May 7, 2007
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A Google search on "ferritabs" turns up three or four places that still list it in their catalog. It isn't clear if any of them still have it in stock.