How to properly use the TABS hopper for a week's vacation.


Jun 25, 2020
Hey all. New here. Been following the advice here for some time and have been pleased. I found my CYA to be over 100 at the beginning of summer. No pucks since then. So far CYA is down to a more manageable 60. I'd like to get it closer to 40. I'm currently using 1 to 2 quarts a day of liquid chlorine to keep the FC in the ideal range. It's been hot here in north Dallas. But I digress.

My question is, when it comes time to take a vacation for a week or so, how would I use pucks and the below pictured hopper to keep things under control whole gone? Like how many pucks and on what setting? I'm currently running my pump at 2200 RPM for 10 hours a day. The cleaner runs 1 hour a day at 3300 RPM. The knob goes from 0 to 5.... So how many pucks and what number?

Thanks in advance


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My inline (when I had one) was a different brand, so the settings may vary. In addition, your rpms will also drive how fast the tabs dissolve and how much FC may be produced. But if I was going to be away for 7 days and had no one I trusted to add x-amount of chlorine every 1-2 days, I'd probably take the pool to SLAM level as I walked out the door. That should help give you some cushion for the first 2 days or so. I'd also add about 5 pucks and set it on 4-5. But I wouldn't have the pump run at 2,200 rpms for so long either (unless you have to for debris in the area). I'd probably leave it at about 1,300 or so and maybe not even worry about rpm changes for a cleaner. Just focus on water circulation to keep the chlorine moving. You can vacuum and get back to a regular schedule when you return. But that's just me. Ask 20 people and you'll probably get 20 opinions. :) Have a safe trip. Go someplace cool. It's HOT in Texas.

FYI - Five 8-ounce tabs, if fully dissolved, should give you about 25 ppm of FC and increase the CYA by about 15 ppm.
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