How to prepare and install bullnose coping on vinyl liner?

I'm doing bullnose coping around new build pool and 6x9in pavers for the rest of the patio.

Can't find out best way to install coping/pavers.

Should I do a 4in thick mortar base around the pool right behind the wall for the 9in coping to sit on?
Or is the crush and sand enough to go right up to the pool wall?

I've seen jointless coping. Is that wise?

I can't find any suggestions on what mortar or adhesive to use. I am going with white bullnose coping and sandstone pavers. Would like the mortar to match.

For the pavers, I have read the options of NO mortar, regular sand or polymeric sand.

Would love to hear what you have done and advice.

Thank you so much!

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I am not familiar with that white trim piece you already have you have a cross-section view?
Nov 19, 2016
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Here is a close up picture of the poly wall with coping attached to the top.

I want my bullnose coping to hang 1/2in - 3/4in over the top lip of the coping.
I would also like to no put mortar between coping which is 9 inches deep and 4 inches wide.
I am going to cut each piece to fit snug to avoid mortar falling out into the pull in years to come.

My concern is making sure the coping will adhere to the mortar if I don't use adhesive, or do I need to pour a concrete base and then thinset the coping?

Thank you!

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Mar 8, 2013
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They did concrete all around my pool and then put the bullnose on top of that. I believe the ground wire is in this as well ( could be wrong though) The pavers are on some sort of sand that was matted down. Sorry, I did not install it but watched a little of how it was done.