How to mark ALL as read?

Rocket J Squirrel

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Jun 7, 2018
Alamo, CA
I thought I remembeedr from the previous incarnation of the forum that there was a way to mark all posts as read. I like to do this from time to time to clear out the threads I'm not interested in.

All I can find now is a "Mark read" button for the individual forums. I can't find a button to mark all posts in all forums as read.


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Jul 17, 2016
Never mind, I found it as soon as I posted. Ain't that always the way?

Mods feel free to delete this thread while I give myself 10 lashes with a pool noodle.
Don't leave everyone hanging. You need to tell how you resolved a situation in case someone else has the same question.

For me, I select the "What's New" tab on the left side and then "Mark All Read".
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