How to make sure sanitizer levels aren't too high or too low


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Apr 29, 2016
Denver CO
We have a bromine spa and a floater in our vacation rental but were having problems with the floater not making the bromine level bounce back. Then we replaced our ozonater (which probably wasn't working anymore) and now the bromine levels are high when guests leave and it gets checked-7 to 8ppm. It used to always be 0-1. We have no way of knowing when it was last used or how much. Most rentals are 2-4 nts but occasionally up to 7 nts. We live 90 minutes away and our cleaner is certified to do the hot tub, but she doesn't check during their stay. I worry about sanitizer levels being either too high or too low during their stay, but I just have no ideas on this other than paying her to check it daily.