How to lower TA

Jul 26, 2016
We have just had our pool for a year. This is our first 'pool opening' this weekend. Water was crystal clear. YAY! We obviously had to add water about 8in. I ran the full test on everything and most everything was great except the TA was 190. CC - 0. CYA was a bit low too but I can raise that. I didn't have to adjust TA at all last year. My PH is 6.8 and I know how to raise that. I didn't know if I started raising the PH if it will make the TA go higher. I read everything I could find on here, but I am still confused as to what I need to do....Just aerate? I started doing that yesterday.

I dont' want to lose control of the pool this early since everything ran so smoothly. Do I need to go buy some TA reducer? Trying to get the pool ready for memorial weekend.

Any and all help is appreciated.



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Just aerate. That will raise pH without affecting TA.

TA will come down a little with the CYA addition. The CYA addition will also lower pH a little, so I suggest aeration before and while the CYA is dissolving to have things cancel out.

High TA by itself is no big deal.