How to level a pool that has settled over the years


Aug 25, 2018
Has anyone ever had to deal with a pool that has settled and no longer level? When I purchased my house a couple years ago, the pool was already unlevel and the owners said it had been that way for 10+ years now and hadn't settled anymore. However, I have noticed that this settling has caused some damage to the steps on one side of the pool. As that side sank down, the supports under the fiberglass steps didn't sink with the rest of the pool and started to apply upward pressure on the steps from underneath. I now have bulges and some cracking in a few spots. To make matters more complicated, 4 of my 6 returns are in my two sets of steps. I worry that the return closest to the settling will eventually leak or even sheer out of place if more settling occurs.

I have thought about calling a foundation company to see if they could come out and jack up the pool and fill in beneath it like they do to homes. I have not asked the local pool company about it yet. Do you all have any suggestions on the best way to approach this? I think I will have to replace my liner soon and that would be the ideal time to address this issue if it is worth addressing and is even possible to be addressed reasonably.


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Jul 10, 2012
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If it is a vinyl lined pool there is no way to jack it up. For a vinyl lined pool only the walls are solid. The bottom is sand/dirt covered in a thin cement type material. The liner is then placed over all of that. I will share a link to a vinyl pool build so you can see the process: New Inground Vinyl Liner Pool in Indiana- Before photos, digging today! This is the purrfect thread to show you what I mean.

I am also going to ping a could of people who might have some ideas. You can help them out by posting a few pics of what you are dealing with. @ajw22 @jimmythegreek


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Jul 21, 2013
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What type of pool? What type of construction?

Was it settling or erosion that made things shift? You have to understand the cause to determine the right fix.

Lots more information is needed to assess your situation.
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Aug 10, 2017
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Picture would go a long way here. Theres no way to jack it. If it's old there may be no concrete collar just dirt holding it up and may have eroded. I have seen an unlevel liner pool made better by shimming the top with concrete and installing new liner track on that then new deck. The stairs are a whole other issue you may uncover a can of worms and probably will from the sound of it