How To Know If Chlorinator Cell Is Working? (AUS)


Sep 25, 2021
Australia, Queensland
Recently bought a new home with an above ground pool. Curious to know if this chlorinator cell will work if I soak it in hydrochloric acid or should I buy a new one? How would I also test this?
Should I also be worried about anything else in the photos shown.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: That is an unusual type of SWG, I don't recall seeing it before. We normally clean the ceils from scale with a mixture of water-acid ration of 4-1. Once clean, watch your return jets for tiny bubbles when the SWG is in its production cycle. You can also test your free chlorine level at night, and if the water is algae-free, you should see an increase in FC from night to the next morning. We also have a PoolMath APP which cal tell you how much FC is expected to be generated by a model in a 24 hr period.

Be sure to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. You'll get more replies shortly I'm sure.

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Generally, salt cells last 4 to 6 years... If you know how old the cell is, that should help with your decision.

Since your cell housing is clear, you should also be seeing it generate small bubbles, a pretty good indication the cell is working.

I'd acid wash the cell.. The shorter it is in the acid the better, as the acid eats away the plates.

Salt cells are great for maintaining chlorine levels.. But they won't turn a green pool clear.. They can't make more chlorine than algae can eat, so you would need to fix any algae issue before turning on the cell.


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