How to keep temperatures warm


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Jun 1, 2022
Fairfield, CA
Hello all, I'm a new pool owner and a big fan of warm pools above 84⁰. Temps are rising here and on a very hot day, I got my pool at 91⁰ with my solar panel system. It was awesome! However temps cooled, and within two days, my pool got back down to 76⁰. I've tried everything in my Intex:
1) I use the weekly pool liquid cover
2) I use the bubble wrap cover
3) I use the Intex cover that came with the pool on top of the bubble wrap cover for extra protection against wind.
4) when temps drop, I run the filter pump directly to the pool and not through the solar panels.

I had no idea my pool could cool so fast after getting it to ideal temps. I would have loved to swim in 86⁰ water when temps were in the low 70⁰'s. Any tips?
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