How to get through SLAM...faster?


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Aug 25, 2013
Hey all!

Looking over my notes, last year (2018 season) it took 9 days to get through SLAM. Which meant the sand filter ran 24 hours a day for that entire time. Also, in total it took just over 24 gallons of liquid CL (10%) to do it.

Can I speed-up this whole SLAM process? (Let's assume the CYA will be around what it was last year)

- (Let's presume I"m not concerned about over-using CL) Could I put in 24 gallons all at once on day one? Basically what I'm asking is does putting in MORE Chlorine in sooner have any advantages over putting in just the "normal" amount to take it to the recommended SLAM CL level each day for the nine days?
- If I added some DE to the sand filter, by how much would it speed-up the SLAM process?

Any suggestions or advice? As always, thanks.


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May 19, 2010
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You can't short cut it.
The process was designed to work and not put your pool or equipment at risk.
DE does not shorten the SLAM process it just helps the filtration after all the algae is dead.

And there is no way to know that your pool is in exactly the same state as last your. Might take 4 days or 14 days this year. Too many variables.
If you want the dump and pray method, there are plenty of pool stores that will give you that advice ;)


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May 3, 2014
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If you are willing to check every 2 hours and add liquid chlorine as needed 24 hours per day, you will shorten the length of the SLAM some, but in reality your sand filter is your limiting factor. With a DE filter, you can make the SLAM quite short, and strenuous.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Well, we did once have a soldier who was deploying in days do a full SLAM in like two days time. He set his alarm for every 2 hours around the clock and re-tested and dosed. I don't recall what type of filter he had. Bless his heart. He just wanted to leave his family set up in a good place pool wise. He's a hero.

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