How to get rid of surface particles like pollen?


Jul 25, 2016
Barcelona, Spain
I have a regular problem of having pollen on the surface of the pool. The skimmer doesn't catch it because the entrance is below the surface of teh water so the pollen keep floating on top of them. I cannot catch them with the cleaning net i use to clean leaves etc because the particles are too small. What i have tried os to mix them in the lower water levels hoping that the floor cleaner would catch them, but to limited results.
How do i clean this massive amount of pollen particles from the surface of the water? I have very limited pump capacity (no good water circulation) and i keep the pump running all day.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Can you obtain some pool DE? Adding a small amount of that to your pool's sand filter (thru the skimmer) puts a layer of DE on top of your sand. That helps catch the smaller particles. You'll lose the DE when you backwash, but you can replace it easily enough.

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