How to fix this valve


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Mar 17, 2017
Houston, TX
So I have a pool that was built in 2003, and this valve, that adds water to the pool when the water level is low, is leaking. When I opened this valve, water started flowing into the pool, but when I closed it, water kept flowing in. I think that the stopper is old and corroded and would like to replace that as I think it would be a fix. What is the piece that I'm holding in the below picture called and how would I find a new one?

Also added a third picture that shows the overall setup.

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.


May 12, 2016
Naples, FL
The parts you are holding in your hand are what i call the stem and packing nut. The whole valve is a gate type valve. If you could find the manufacture name on the body, you may be able to find parts at hardware store or plumbing supply. I think the cheapest and easiest is going to just get a new valve from hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Looks like you would have to cut the PVC enable to thread on new valve, so you will also need a couple PVC fittings.

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