How to fix hoses that dried curved


Jul 30, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
I made the huge mistake of storing my kreepy and the hoses in the pool box for two long and didn’t disconnect the hoses and now they’re all dried bent. I tried manually bending them back, drying them straight with pressure, and so far every time I put the vacuum back in the pool, about half of the hoses have a curve that’s making the kreepy not cover the whole pool.

Any best recommendations on returning them to normal? Will they just go back over time? Or am I SOL and need to go buy new hose sections.


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I'm thinking to let the hoses set in the hot AZ sun for an hour or two, then find a way to re-shape them straight and let the sun do it's job for you. Either secure the hoses straight on the lawn, or insert a stick into the hose section and see if that will help it to retain its original form.