How to drain a doughboy pool due to high CYA

Feb 7, 2018
Hello everyone – I am new to this group but have read the articles for years. We have tenants in the house that has the pool and they kept using conditioned powdered shock.

So now we have a pre-Algae/cloudy water situation because of all the warm weather and no rain. I can balance the water using the Taylor 2006 tests specs, But I’m losing quite a bit of Chlorine overnight .The cya is off the charts- Even with the 2-1 dilution.

So my plan is to try to change out the water as much as possible before I slam in the pool.

With the dough boy I know you can’t drain the pool completely but how much Can you take out at one time? We also have a limit to how much water per day we can use because we are on it well. So I worry that I will only be able to take out about 6 to 12 inches at a time and then replace it. But then if I do it again the next day I’m just taking out good water mixed with the bad.

Does the CYA sink to the bottom of the pool? Or is it evenly disbursed?

Any ideas for a plan of attack would be appreciated.:cool:


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Apr 18, 2010
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It's evenly dispersed. Sounds like you're down to little choice but partial drains. Do 25% at a time if you can then recheck CYA level after 2nd refill. You can use a siphon hose--water hose or larger----or rent a submersible pump cheap.


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Mar 17, 2015
2 years ago , in spring when pool ice block melted my pool started leaking out fast, major seam split about 1 foot from bottom, all leaked out in a couple days except for the last 12 inches. Until liner was replaced 3 weeks or more later had no issues with keeping walls upright. Half deck around pool, was worried about winds since we live at the highest county elevation.
I winterize our pool (drain out ) 6 inches below return, we get 30 plus inches snow and then rain which refills a lot of it.
I have used a brand new 1 hp sump pump rigged up with a pipe straight out of the water a few inches to do a super aerate , which did raise PH in no time flat, problem next day I had a black slimy oil film around the liner at water line.
I think these are oil filled and don't like this type of set up, only thing I can come up being the cause.
I use pool pump to drain to bottom of skimmer and then a electric or a gas pump outside the pool depending on my mood.
Use a solid hose from pump to pool water or it will collapse with the suction , discharge side of pump to ground a normal garden hose will work.