How to convert pool to salt water


May 8, 2009
Can anyone give me some advice or point me where to look to convert my pool from chlorine to a SWG?

Any help is appreciated.


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Sep 27, 2008
Houston, TX
Cute strannik (smile).
You need to know how big your pool is, so you can see what size cell you need.
Then you need to know how much you are willing to spend, and what options you want for your money.
Where I waited for a local company sale and bought the cheapest thing I could get by (but still over sized) with for my size pool.
Been working great for 3 seasons so far.
I do love the salt in the water. I do not use goggles any longer as the water does not affect my eyes, and my skin and hair does not feel all dried out after a swim. But you do not need a SWG to gain those same benefits, only salt.


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Jun 3, 2008
A salt water generator pool is a chlorine pool. The SWG uses electrolysis to convert NaCl to Cl gas and sodium.

1.Read comments on this forum to understand how to size the SWG, differences in features, types of problems, etc.
2.Pick the manufacturer. Call pool stores and ask for their recommendations and installation price.
3.Research online for the SWG for a self install.
4.Pour in salt
5.Install the SWG
6.Enjoy your pool.

Unless you live in a tropical environment I would wait until Spring to install the SWG. If there are problems it is better to resolve the problems quickly after installation. Do not be deterred by the posting of problems on this forum. People post problems-not that they had another year without problems.

I choose a self install since I could save $800. One pool store that I checked for a store installed SWG went out of business four months later so you may be dependent on the manufacturer's warranty more than a local stores warranty. Read the warranty carefully; most advertise a multi-year warranty but actually warranty the control unit for one year and have a discounted multi-year warranty on the SWG cell. If you know how to glue PVC pipe and are comfortable doing simple wiring a self install may require only several hours depending on your current equipment configuration. If not, a pool store might offer a winter special discount for a SWG install.

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