How to control Mosquito larvae on a/g pool cover?


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May 28, 2008
Jackson, NJ
I was just pumping water off of my pool cover and noticed mosquito larvae squirming around. What is the best way of controlling them? It's been warm here on the East coast.



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Feb 21, 2008
Dallas, TX
Ditto. Dunks (and Bits, if you can find them) are non-toxic to animals and very effective at controlling mosquito larvae. Recommended to me by my organic nursery.


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Apr 15, 2007
West Michigan
The donuts are what we use too. Couldn't find them at just anyplace. Did end up finding them at Tractor Supply and Farm and Fleet. They must use them around farms? Thanks for the reminder, our weather got warmer after we put the winter cover and the leaf net on and I'm going to add a few to my cover until we have our first hard freeze. Kimrst


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Same issue here I thought it was buds from the tree til they started moving. I pumped most water off my cover and a lot of the little suckers are in the hot sun. I have maybe 1/2 inch water over 1/3 of pool. Should I drop dunks in that little amount? What about sprays? My cover is intact it did not split like last year, but I don't want to risk contaminating my pool with chemicals. God I hope the suckers aren't under the cover I am probably 2 weeks out from opening maybe 3 been cold here at night in the 30's so I have held off.

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