How to connect the led lights on a Pentair Intelliconnect


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Sep 26, 2020
Thanks! I’m using the relay 1 on a Hayward 1hp superpump and the relay 2 on the Pentair led lights but I wonder both input and output on the relay 2 for the lights or just one


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Jul 7, 2014
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The standard relay has two input (line) pins and two output (load) pins... Normally, you'd use both line and load pins if the input were 240 volts where you had an L1 and L2 as inputs. You'd normally use one input and one output when using 120 VAC.. You could wire 120 volts to both inputs and this would give you 120 volts on each output, but they would both turn on and off at the same time, so no real reason to do it..

Do you already have you lights working and want to add more, or is the original light not working?


Jim R.