How to close / winterize raised spill over spa


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May 28, 2019
Mahwah, NJ
I am in North Jersey and the winters are cold with snow. I am in the middle of switching pool service companies. The current company drains the raised spill over spa nearly all the way down and blows out the lines, etc. The same hardcover used during the summer is reused. The 'new' company mentioned there should water left in the spa to prevent it from "popping" out. He also mentioned a separate cover but I need additional details. I've read several threads on the forum where some completely drain and some keep water. Is there pro/cons of each approach?


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Jul 21, 2013
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A spa is not deep in the ground, especially if you have a raised spa, and is attached to the pool structure. So I doubt a spa, if drained, will pop out of the ground independent of the pool. The buy who told you that is parroting what he was told with no thought. Especially since your spa has been drained for the winter many times with no issues.

There is no one right way. You can drain all the water from the spa ta closing. And after a few rains you will have some water in the bottom of the spa.

I have some water left in the bottom of my spa at closing. It protects the plaster floor and more water accumulates during the winter.

What you don't want is a thin layer of water on the spa floor or any benches as that can freeze on the palster and break up the plaster.


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May 16, 2021
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I just posted a similar question as I have a spillover gunite spa/pool and live in Westchester County NY. My last pool service tech would leave the spa filled. The new tech I hired to close empties it out. I too was concerned about hydrostatic pressure. He said no need to worry. Part of me wants to fill it back up because there is conflicting info and hard to find an answer. My assumption is all will be fine but the unknown is scary.
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