How to clean a Hayward T15 cell


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Jun 3, 2015
There is a special stand you can buy, that once you put the cell into it, you can pour a cleaner into it for about 2 mins...sorry I don't know the name of the stand!

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Mar 2, 2011
It's a timed reminder to check the cell. Only clean if necessary.

Clear reminder by pressing the diagnostic button for a few seconds.


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Apr 5, 2017
Unless there is scale build up, it's not needed and the mild acid will in fact shorten the life span of the cell.


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Jun 24, 2011
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This should be the process to clean a cell.

1. Remove the cell and inspect it for scale. If no scale is found, no cleaning is required and reinstall the cell.
2. If there is scale, use a hose with a stream nozzle and remove as much scale with the hose. If the scale is removed, reinstall the cell.
3. If there is remaining scale use a plastic or wooden object to remove the scale. Do not use any metal objects as this can scrape off the coatings on the plates. I like to use long wooden Qtip sticks. If the scale is removed, reinstall the cell.
4. If scale is remaining use a water and acid solution, 4:1 water to acid at the strongest is recommended. If the remaining scaling is light then a 10:1 water to acid ratio is recommended. Soak only for the minimum time to remove the scale. Each time the cell is acid cleaned it will remove some of the coatings on the plates which reduces the life span of the cell. After the acid soaking rinse out the cell with water and reinstall.


May 31, 2016
Bethlehem Ga.
Ok Thanks all for your help, I removed the T cell yesterday and it looked clean I flushed with the water hose anyways and reinstalled , I guess the timer was just letting me know it was time for a inspection all seems well. Thanks again you guys are awesome , I have learned so much on here and saved me countless $$

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