How to balance this water, first time pool owner


Dec 29, 2019
Venice, FL
The vitamin C test shows the stains are from Iron. To remove it, you need to review and follow Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains

Your pool fill water must have iron in it. You will need to use sequestrant continuously to prevent the stains from returning once you deal with them.
Great, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

We have an irrigation system in the yard that runs from a well and it has high iron content. We are on city water but I wouldn't doubt it has high iron also. With the discovery of how high the SWCG was set, I'm wondering if the previous owner's pool company mistook it for algae and used some sort of algae treatment that was high in metals along with the high chlorine level to try and alleviate. Who knows...glad I'm taking this into my own hands.


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Dec 23, 2019
Ventura County CA
I'm fairly new at this but my understanding is that vitamin C is ascorbic acid and tends to remove some types of metal stains, especially iron stains (rust). It might indicate the water had iron in it at some point which found its way onto the wall/floor surfaces. You can use a stain ID kit (like the one from jack's magic) to get a more definitive understanding of what the stain is and how to treat it. I understand it's most likely iron.

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