How to add chemicals


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Jun 13, 2007
New Orleans
I know I'm supposed to add my bleach at night, but should I do it with the pump on? If so, how long should I leave the pump on after adding? What times are the majority of people here filtering their pools, mostly during the day, right? When adding CYA, by hanging onto the ladder, do I leave my pump on for circulation until it is completely dissolved? What about other chemicals?



Jun 28, 2007
Memphis, TN
I would always circulate when adding chemicals. The Cya will dissolve VERY slowly without circulation - and I would guess - and I stress guess - that it would concentrate too much acid in one spot if it isnt running. The same with the Bleach. If it sits in one spot it isnt sanitizing equally throughout the pool. I would run the pool for a few hours after adding a chemical. I run mine almost all the time anyway though. I find mine clouds up pretty quickly if I leave mine off.

Hope this helps a little, and that someone that knows more than me pipes up :)


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May 24, 2007
Memphis, TN
Just as FYI. I add most chemcials through the pumping system (recirculate) via the skimmer. To me, it beats premixing or worrying about having chemical(s) pile up or touching the liner without mixing with water first. I simply recirculate my water for a few hours then return to filtering. I generally run my pump close to 12 hours/day on average summer days, but in the pre/post season I reduce it to about 7.

This method allows the chemcials to be mixed via the pump and distributed under pressure to all parts of the pool. I don't 'dump' an entire cup or amount into the skimmer, I feed it into the basket over several mins.